Adjustment of the heat treatment of 1.4313 steel for the improvement of mechanical treatment of dynamically loaded parts – POSTER

Ječminková Šárka - Howden ČKD Compressors, University of Chemical Technology in Prague (Czech Republic)

This paper deals with the optimization of the heat treatment regime of supplied forgings made of 1.4313 steel for dynamically loaded parts, such as welded impellers for turbo-compressors. After heat treatment defined by internal documentation and technical standards, the mechanical properties did not reach required fracture toughness. The reason for the failure of the standard heat treatment procedure was the low quality of the material supplied from China, which was characterized by minor variations in chemical composition from the intervals defined by technical standard.
Due to high ultimate tensile strength and yield strength, the improvement of fracture toughness was feasible by variation of the heat treatment procedure. The corresponding decrease in the ultimate tensile strength and yield strength led to still acceptable values. The work describes the relationship between the heat treatment conditions and properties of the given material in details.

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