Heat treatment fixtures, alloys and design

Pálka Stanislav - Cronite CZ (Czech Republic)

Complexity of the solutions and precise optimization of the shape of heat treatment fixtures together with the choice of the optimal material makes the basis to reach high quality results of the heat treatment. Since more than 60 years company Safe Cronite deals with this complicated task and thanks to the gained experience it is able to provide the customers with the best solutions to achieve the best possible lifetime. Except for standard fixtures it is possible to supply also highly optimized dedicated fixtures made of special alloys developed in accordance with the newest trends in heat treatment like for example Mancellium or the newest alloys CR. Since some period of time the market is expecting the growth of the working temperatures in LPC up to 1050°C. Also Safe Cronite is getting ready for this change and it is already able to provide the materials which are able to withstand these conditions out of stress and also chemical point of view.

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