Influence of heat treatment parameters onto tempering curve for selected cold working tool steel – POSTER

Kuřík M. - Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic)

Steel X210Cr12 is a well-known and frequently used tool steel for cold work. Although the recommended heat treatment parameters are known from the literature, it is not possible to find information on how the temperature curves change in the case of hardening in vacuum ovens, or when using deep cryogenic treatment between hardening and tempering. Two conditions have been observed. The first was vacuum quenching at a temperature of 1020 ° C with a nitrogen flow followed by double tempering. In the latter case, freezing at -196 ° C for 4 hours was included in this heat treatment cycle. Tempering curves were observed in the monitored conditions in the temperature range of 400 to 600 ° C, where the occurrence of the secondary hardness peak can be predicted. In selected states, metallographic analysis and wear resistance measurements were performed using the Pin on disk methodology.

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