Influence of the heat treatment to mulcher tool durability in operation

Ťavodová Miroslava - Technická univerzita Zvolen (Slovak Republic)

The article deals with heat treatment of mulcher and crusher tools used for forest growing. It is for the increasing of durability and lifetime these tools. Those are working in heterogeneous environment, they are exposed to impact load and very high abrasion wear. The tools are designed like the forgings or castings; their functional places have WC tips. The tools are in operation worn-down, after sometimes sintered WC teeth are lost. Those causes a significant deformation of the tool body mounted on a rotating roller – adapter of base machine. Then is necessary to exchange the tools, because is threatened the function complete device. The research described in the article is focused to the application of the methods which can improve the wear resistance of tools. During analysis was found, tool body is made from construction steel without heat treatment, the structure has low hardness and wear resistant. On the base of the structure study and their wear resistant we have suggested to make heat treatment of tool for getting new structure with disperse carbides. The samples after heat treatment we experimental proofed to the wear abrasive resistant.
Key words:
Mulcher tools, abrasive wear, heat treatment, microstructure, mechanical properties.

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