Microstructure and thermal stability of Al-Fe-X alloys – POSTER

Školáková Andrea - University of Chemical Technology in Prague (Czech Republic)

In this work, Al-11Fe, Al-7Fe-4Ni and Al-7Fe-4Cr (in wt. %) alloys were prepared by combination of casting and hot extrusion. Microstructures of as-cast alloys were composed of aluminium matrix with large and coarse intermetallics such as Al13Fe4, Al13Cr2 and Al5Cr. Subsequently, as-cast alloys were rapidly solidified by melt-spinning technique which led to the supersaturation of solid solution alloying elements. These rapidly solidified ribbons were milled and compacted by hot-extrusion method. Hot-extrusion caused that microstructure of Al-11Fe alloy coarsen whereas microstructures of alloyed materials were fine with uniform dispersed particles. Moreover, long-term thermal stability was tested at temperature 300 °C for as-cast and hot-extruded alloys and chromium was found to be the most suitable element for alloying to improve thermal stability.

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