Preparation of TiAl15Si15 alloy by high pressure spark plasma sintering (HP SPS) – POSTER

Knaislová Anna - University of Chemical Technology in Prague (Czech Republic)

This work deals with preparation of intermetallic alloy TiAl15Si15 (wt. %) by powder metallurgy using Spark Plasma Sintering method. Ti-Al-Si alloys are known as materials with low density, relatively good mechanical properties in comparison with their density and good oxidation and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. Preparation of intermetallics by melting metallurgy is very problematic. Powder metallurgy using reactive sintering followed by suitable compaction seems to be a promising method. In this work, TiAl15Si15 alloy was prepared by reactive sintering, milling and by unique ultra-high pressure Spark Plasma Sintering within the framework of international cooperation in Krakow. For the comparison it was also prepared by conventional Spark Plasma Sintering. The results show that higher pressure of sintering decreases the porosity of compact sample and increases mechanical properties, especially hardness.

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