Properties of cemented carbides upon deep freezing

Kříž Antonín - ZČU v Plzni (Czech Republic)

Deep freezing has found considerable use in industrial practice, not only for traditional tool steels but also for other materials, such as grey cast iron. Earlier verification experiments have confirmed that deep freezing of cast iron brake discs provides longer life and smaller distortion, even under heavy-duty operation. Today, further opportunities for deep freezing for various materials are sought. Therefore, the present contribution maps cemented carbide properties upon deep freezing. The types of cemented carbides used were varied, not only in terms of carbide grain size but also in terms of the binder (cobalt or nickel). Experiments have shown that deep freezing does not alter the microstructure (at micrometer scale) but it does change mechanical properties. These changes promise a new opportunity for extending the life of cutting parts of cutting tools.

Keywords: deep freezing, cemented carbides, mechanical properties, cutting tools

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