Thermal treatment of 3D-printed titanium alloy

Fousová Michaela - VŠCHT Praha (Czech Republic)

In the metals processing, 3D printing is a relatively new technology. It brings many advantages into production thanks to its additive principle, which it is based on. One of the intended applications of 3D printing are especially regenerative medicine and aerospace industry that require products of very complex shapes. In these domains, titanium along with its alloys belong among the most frequently used materials. When printing Ti6Al4V alloy a problem in the form of high internal stresses that results from very high cooling rates during successive laser melting of initial powder material occurs. These stresses are followed with low material plasticity, possible cracking of built products, deformations of thin parts and similarly. Therefore, after the 3D printing process itself, a thermal treatment is applied to relief the stresses. The object of this contribution is to show possibilities of regimes of thermal treatment alternative to the commercially proposed one.

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