Effect of the heat treatment on the bioactivity of nanostructured surfaces

Hybášek Vojtěch - VŠCHT Praha (Czech Republic)

Titanium and its alloys are widely used materials in implantology due to their high corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. The bioactivity and the osseointegration of these surfaces could be enhanced by several processes. One of them is the formation of nanostructure by the combination of electrochemical and chemical reactions. The nanotubular oxidic structure has positive influence on the precipitation of hydroxyapatite from the body environment and on the cell proliferation. Directly created layer has amorphous character, but it is possible to transform it to crystalline form. This could have another positive influence on bioactivity. The influence of surfaces nanostructuring of commercially pure titanium and experimental beta alloy Ti-39Nb and their subsequent heat treatment on bioactivity will be presented in this work. This has been evaluated by Ca-P based compounds precipitation on the surface during the in vitro exposure in simulated body fluid. It was found that heat treatment has considerable influence on surface bioactivity.
The work was carried out as a part of the 16-14758S project, which is financially supported by Czech Science Foundation.

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