Possibilities of complete automation in metallographic sample preparation and hardness testing in thermal processing operations

Černický David - Metalco Testing s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

At present, the word “Productivity” is more than ever used in every fall. And, of course, this also applies to workplaces of quality control, metallography and metrology laboratories.
Quality control of parts after heat treatment is increasingly important for ensuring the quality of the final product. The demands on the quality of samples and measurement accuracy as well as the requirements for quantitative evaluation are still increasing. A typical example of control is the evaluation of the microstructure after heat refinement such as grain sizing, residual austenite evaluation, CHD measurement, nitriding, carbon content measurement in steel, etc., because all these parameters significantly influence the quality of the final product.
In our lecture we will focus on various possibilities of full automation of the quality control processes that current state-of-the-art technologies enable. Some of the technologies mentioned in our lecture were designed individually and in cooperation with the user for quality control operations in heat treatment. The aim of these special and individual solutions for full automation is to guarantee maximum productivity of the metallography and metrology workplaces without compromising the accuracy of the final measurement output.

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