Parameters which affect distortion and properties in induction heat treating process of tool steels

Hájek Jiří - Západočeská univerzita v Plzni (Czech Republic)

The article deals with the most important variables in the induction hardening process of simple machine parts made from tool and structural steels. The experiment was focused on measuring the deformations arising during induction hardening. Heating, frequency, quenching media, coil design, etc. all have an influence on the distortion of machine parts. These factors were mostly monitored in the experiments. The longest section deals with the relationship between the quenching  media and the deformation of the hardened part. Water and polymer quenchants were used. During quenching, the temperature of the quenching media and the concentration of polymer solution was varied. Parameters such as a hardness, metallography and geometry of the component were measured. For the polymer solutions, the corrosion resistance of the surface was also monitored. Corrosion resistance was observed in relation to the concentration of the polymer solution.

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