Improving the service life of excavation teeth – POSTER

Hradil David - COMTES FHT a.s. (Czech Republic)

Low alloy steel used for the production of excavator teeth is a very advantageous option in terms of price. However, the wear resistance of these teeth is insufficient. Excavator teeth have a very short service life, which leads to their constant replacement and interruption in extraction itself. The solution offered is to replace the existing steel with more alloyed steel, with higher abrasion resistance (e.g. Hadfield steel). However, this solution significantly increases the price of entire mining. The number of teeth produces is in the order of several thousand per year. Service life enhancement is also possible by adjusting the heat treatment process (HT) or by using thermo-chemical treatment (TCT). This paper discusses the use of cryogenic treatment and the boridation process while preserving existing material. The effect of HT and TCT used procedure was observed by wear resistance method the pin-on-disc and by abrasion resistance test. Due to the boridation, a very significant increase in resistance was achieved, as confirmed by the results of the tests carried out.

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