Sintering problems during preparation of Ti-Al-Si alloys

Knaislová Anna - University of Chemical Technology in Prague (Czech Republic)

Ti-Al-Si alloys are material for high-temperature applications. They are characterized by low density, good mechanical properties and excellent resistance against oxidation in comparison with other commonly used alloys, for example nickel alloys or stainless steels. The preparation of Ti-Al-Si is very problematic due to high melting points of the intermediary phases, the high reactivity of melt with the melting crucibles and with the atmosphere in the furnace or formation of the cracks and pores during the process. Powder metallurgy seems to be a promising method for preparation of Ti-Al-Si alloys but there are still many complications. In this work, Ti-Al-Si alloys were prepared by unconventional powder metallurgy techniques and the aim of this work was to describe the problems during the sintering of these materials and their solution.

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