Heat treatment as part of the process assembly engine

Mráz Jakub - TEDOM a.s. (Czech Republic)

Acquaint with production division engine. Manufacturing, repair gas engine TEDOM, SCANIA, LIEBHERR, MAN, KUBOTA. Compensation strengh storage with overlap warming or lock-up one´s part connect couiple. For example warming – up cogged wreaths self – starter before assembly on balance wheel it is possible use like soaking after inductive hardening tooths. Benefit however be submitting largely usage preservation in liquid nitrogen before motazi sucking and non – condensing saddles valves bis heads cylinders. Saddle valves drain from from smalt alloies type STELLIT or case – hardened cast iron. Time preservation bears with suspense also structural changes, extremes. Practical piece of knowledge and procuration – regulations for production. Direction next development.

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