Thermal treatment of high-strength 3D-printed maraging steel

Strakosova Angelina - University of Chemical Technology in Prague (Czech Republic)

Maraging steels are becoming interesting for research after thermal treatment, which is based on the name “maraging” – martensite-aging. After solution annealing and precipitation hardening, the X3NiMoCoTi 18-9-5 steel has excellent mechanical properties (tensile strength reaches to 2000 MPa and hardness is 50-55 HRC), it is ductile and well weldable. The advantage of these materials is the possibility to be manufactured not only by conventional methods but also by modern additive manufacturing (AM) methods. One of which is selective laser melting (SLM).
In this paper, the influence of thermal treatment to 3D-printed X3NiMoCoTi 18-9-5 maraging steel to final microstructure and mechanical properties is investigated.

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