Carburizing process using hydrocarbon and water vapor mixed gas

Haji Hiroki - Toyota Technological Institute (Japan)

The carburizing process by injecting a hydrocarbon gas directly in the carburizing furnace is gathering attention from the viewpoint of energy and co s t reduction. In this process, however, soot is easily occur because carburization is performed by direct decomposition of hydrocarbons and a large amount of excess carbon that does not contribute to carburization is generated. To overcome this, in this study, carburization of low carbon steel was performed in hydrocarbon/water vapor mixed gas. As a result, we succeeded in suppressing the generation of soot by reacting excess carbon with water vapor. To establish the control method of carbon content in this carburizing process, line analysis of the specimen surface by Electron Probe Micro Analyzer (EPMA) and gas analysis in the carburizing furnace were performed.

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