Case study damage of large mould by the hardening process and compensation for damage in court proceedings

Stanislav Jiří - JST Consultancy (Czech Republic)

Heat treatment can lead to irreversible damage to the part and always means frustrating the already entered costs for the production of the mould or part. Because the damage usually amounts to large value, there are disputes between the customer and the person performing the heat treatment. Usually, both parties agree to pay damages, or follow-up corrective action. In the event that no agreement is reached between them, the tool manufacturer either changes the supplier, i.e. the heat treatment plant, or applies to the court for an assessment of the damage and its compensation. These cases are not numerous, but they do exist. But always persist for months and require expert assessments. The lecture describes one such case, when during hardening there was a cracking of a part with a large value, and subsequent court proceedings.

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