Systematic condition assessment and predictive maintenance of heat-treatment plants

Buchner Klaus - Aichelin Holding GmbH (Austria)

Industry 4.0 is reality; also in the field of heat-treatment and in addition for older plants, running for years – regardless of the manufacturer and type of furnace. Building on the continuous improvement of the process control system, it was possible to implement the mobile maintenance assistant #jakob successfully.

In this presentation the latest findings of the cooperation between the Aichelin Group, Fraunhofer Austria and three partners, being best in class companies in the automotive industry, will be discussed. Based on the original idea to provide all maintenance-relevant data of the heat-treatment plant to maintenance and operating staff, a new tool for the plant operators has been launched, which supports them in their daily work and makes it possible to identify maintenance requirements at an early stage, keeping unplanned equipment down times to a minimum. Due to a new digital approach of combining maintenance information and sensor data the probability of default of failure critical assemblies can be estimated by logging the wear progress.

In order to reap the maximum benefits of digitalization and Industry 4.0 for the whole production environment, the integration of all existing installations (brownfield) is strongly recommended, even it is a particular challenge. The option to include the upstream and downstream machines is an element of paramount importance for the mobile maintenance assistant.

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