Top hardness tester and microscope all in one device – the new era of effective evaluation is here! – COMMERCIAL

Čvanda Petr - Metalco Testing s.r.o.

Quality control is a very important part of production and it is also very closely connected with the production. Unfortunately, it is very often undervalued, because it doesn’t produce profits in comparison with production – often only costs. This is associated with limited investment to equipment and very often with lack of staff.
The new device Qness 60 A+ EVO from producer QATM (ATM + Qness) comes with a revolution of effective evaluation of samples. The machine combinates automatic evaluation of hardness with automatic evaluation of optical metallography in one device. The all in one device. It is the unique device that has both, the properties of an automatic hardness tester and the properties of an automatic microscope with evaluation software for grain size, phase analysis and measurement of layers thickness.
The user gets the universal device, which covers a wide range of applications, for price of one machine. Thanks to fully automatic process the device makes work easier and decreases requirements for staff.

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