New method for accurate and precise LPC and quenching for lean manufacturing of gears

Przygoński Marcin - SECO / WARWICK Europe Sp. z o.o. (Poland)

Integration of the case hardening process directly into the overall production process is effective and economical.
The UniCase Master® case hardening vacuum furnace system is specially developed for the heat treatment of high volume gears and bearing manufacturers.
UniCase Master® guarantees optimal heating and carburizing of single pieces and the integration of 4D gas quenching guarantees minimal distortion for each piece.
Further advantages include:
• ideal repeatability for each single piece
• 4D Quenching for minimal distortion
• single piece monitoring and reporting
• elimination of baskets and grids
• energy reduction
• reduced production time due to in-line workflow
• environmentally-friendly heat treatment process (LPC technology)

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