Cost- and Resource Effective Surface Layer Heat Treatment in Gear, Tool, Aeronautic, Oilfield and Automotive Industry by PulsPlasma®Nitriding

Voigtländer Dietmar - PVA Industrial Vacuum Systems GmbH (Germany)

The PulsPlasma® Nitriding of gears and tools is using more and more as alternative to standard heat treatment processes for surface layer hardening for the improvement of wear and corrosion protection. By this the lifetime will be longer due to the specific process conditions against the case hardening by high temperature carburizing or by standard Ammonia nitriding (gas nitriding).
The PulsPlasma®Nitriding is a pollution free technology saving energy and other resources. The total manufacturing costs of workpieces can be reduced significantly. Highly developed concepts of plants and the use of PulsPlasma® technology a uniform treatment of many small parts in one workload is possible as well as the nitriding of large tools or gear parts and components for Oilfield-, Aerospace- and Automotive Industry.

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