3D printing of functional layer from NIMONIC 80A on forming tools – POSTER

Nacházelová Daniela - COMTES FHT a.s. (Czech Republic)

Currently, 3D printing is being used more and more in various applications. Directed energy deposition (DED) technology enables the manufacturing of materials in combinations that would be highly problematic using conventional technologies. Directed Energy Deposition (DED) is a technological process where the fed material is melted directly at the desired location using a laser beam. The research described here deals with additive 3D printing technology of a functional layer of NIMONIC 80A material on forming tools of 1.2714. The surface layer of the material is degraded due to heating during forming. The deposited NIMONIC 80A layer slows down the degradation of the material and thus significantly prolongs the tool life during hot working.

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