Advanced developments in the field of liquid quenchants

Braun Rainer - BURGDORF GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

The quenching process and the quenching media in use are of great importance for the success of the heat treatment process. The quenchant and its heat transfer properties significantly influences the resulting mechanical properties and the dimensional change and intensity of distortion.
All current considerations in the field of quenchants are conducted with the objective of optimizing the overall costs for the heat treatment process and minimizing rework and scrap. But furthermore the technological change as well as the increasing efforts to reduce environmental pollutants and CO2 – emissions leads to increased requirements to the properties and quality of quenchants.
The presentation describes the liquid quenchants currently in use and shows up the new requirements and furthermore approaches in regard to the development of quenchants which are targeted to achieve the technical and environmental objectives.

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