Direct part marking for high-temperature applications – POSTER

Hájek Jiří - COMTES FHT a.s. (Czech Republic)

The behaviour of the marks created by DOD and CIJ methods during heat and thermochemical treatment was monitored. Three inks with TiO2, ZrSiO4 and inorganic luminescent particles were used in the experimental program. Heat treatment was carried out in the air, in protective atmospheres, and in a vacuum. The diffusion process does not affect the marking in some processes, such as low-pressure carburizing. On the contrary, it negatively affects diffusion in the nitriding process. Nitrocarburizing and carbonitriding processes have also been investigated. A simulation was also created to monitor the displacement of points during die forging to allow appropriate print placement on the product. Based on the evaluation of each process, the use of ink with TiO2 particles appears to be the most promising.

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