Evaluation of the usability of Electron Beam for the modification of surface layers deposited by the Cold Spray technology

Havlík Petr - Brno University of Technology (Czech Republic)

The Cold Spray (CS) technology is used mainly for the refurbishment and/or modification of the surface of various machine components. One of the advantages of this technology is the possibility of applying a wide range of materials and their combinations. Coatings deposited using CS technology achieve better properties compared to those of the substrate material. Due to the principle of deposition using CS technology, the deposited layers show a different microstructure, properties and types of defects compared to materials produced by conventional methods. To obtain optimal properties of the coating, electronic beam technology can be used for surface treatment, especially in critical areas. By optimizing the process parameters of the electron beam, local changes in microstructure can be achieved to improve the integrity and properties of the deposited coatings. To evaluate the usability of the electron beam for the modification of the layers produced by CS technology, high-strength steel Maraging 300 coatings were used. In the first case, the surface temperature did not exceed the melting temperature of the material for the purpose of heat treatment, and in the second case, the layer was remelted for the purpose of modification of the deposited coating.

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