Prevision® – for your heat treatment furnace

Schmiedeke Uwe - IVA Schmetz GmbH (Germany)

With Prevision® you can monitor and analyse your industrial furnaces in real time. You can maximise
your plant availability with intelligent algorithms and minimise your maintenance costs. With the help
of machine learning and artificial intelligence the digital service predict potential maintenance needs
and upcoming faults in advance. The basis of predictive maintenance is condition monitoring, the collection
of real-time information about the operating status of the monitored components. Prevision®
is a digital service product from IVA Schmetz and customers all over Europe are using it. For data
transfer we use IoT Gateways which are using unique credentials for authentication against the gateway
management and the data ingress. The identity of each user of the IoT Portal is secured by individual
credentials and additionally by a 2-factor authentication.
These tool shows us how important it is to avoid downtimes for our customers and the complete heat
treatment industry. Prevision® is the future.

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