Use of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for induction hardening tools

Hrůzek Lukáš, Štefek Petr - PRECIZ, s.r.o., Safina, a.s. (Czech Republic)

Additive manufacturing of metal alloys is gaining popularity every year to produce prototypes and small series components in various industries. One of the latest trends in powder 3D printing is copper alloys and copper, which until now have been very difficult to use due to their high reflectivity and associated difficult melting with conventional infrared lasers. The combination of additive manufacturing methods can effectively replace precise manual work and extend the life of the manufactured tools. The first part of the lecture focuses on the technological possibilities in the field of 3D printing of metal alloys with examples of practical applications. The second part of the presentation will follow with a description of the development path leading to the effective application of 3D printing as a competitive alternative method of tool production for induction hardening. Finally, a successful pilot case of converting manual production to 3D printing for a specific inductor assembly for hardening long products will be presented.

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