Powder as an input parameter of additively produced maraging steel – POSTER

Koukolíková Martina - COMTES FHT a.s. (Czech Republic)

Additive manufacturing (AM) has enabled not only designers over the last few years to boost a huge boom in the design and optimization of machine components. Part of the additive manufacturing is not only the design of the component itself, but also the individual steps involved in the creation of computer documentation necessary for the preparation of the AM, the selection of suitable material and the printing itself with subsequent heat treatment. Process parameters, including the choice of powder, have a significant effect on the resulting component properties. The main aim of the research was to compare the properties of materials made from different powders manufacturers. A micro – tensile tests (M-TT), reinforced by metallographic and fractographic analysis, were used to analyse the materials, allowing a detailed discussion of the resulting material properties.

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