Quality requirements in heat treatment

Rašková Stanislava (Czech Republic)

Heat treatment of metals is very important for achieving the desired properties of many products in their practical use. There are always processes, where the result, the required properties, are dependent on the definition of the customer’s requirement, the product properties for the heat treatment, the level of knowledge of the heat treatment processes, the technical capability of the equipment and the objective assessment of the resulting level of compliance. Many experiences are showing the desired results always are not achieved. Is there any support to reduce the risk, that the required properties will not be achieved?
The aim of this paper is to bring near the principles of standards, methods and guidelines required from the customers to heat treatment plants. The process approach observance can bring also benefit to the heat treatment processes in the areas that accompany them every day and remain unnoticed. Is it worthwhile to obtain such values that have now yet escaped unnoticed?

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