Řešení pro zavedení “Industry 4.0″ do moderních provozů tepelného zpracování

Ritter Karl - ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH (Germany)

The demands on the processing machines and also on the heat treatment systems are constantly increasing in the industry. In addition to the highest component quality, today high demands are placed on transparency of the processes with appropriate data access. In addition, there are demands on the plants to detect faults themselves before the event occurs and to display this to the operator.

By interconnecting the plants with each other with the possibility of accessing corresponding databases, the transparency of productivity, media usage, maintenance tasks is created. With appropiate applications the data can be output on modern devices (Smartphone, Tablet).

ALD Vacum Technologies GmbH has accepted these challenges for all types of furnaces in their portfolio and offers appropriate solutions.

The lecture presents exemplary solutions for the realization of “Industry 4.0” for the heat treatment plant type ModulTherm.

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