Řízení procesů nitridace plynem s proměnlivým nitridačním potenciálem pro zajištění úspory až 50% NH3

Theisen Frank - STANGE Elektronik GmbH (Germany)

The requirements for heat treating shops as well as plant engineering increasing permanently and more effective technologies are searched.
With a new tested sensor controlled gas nitriding technology the efficiency of the real process reaction of ammonia and the although happens mass transport can be improved.
Especially the ammonia consumption is a crucial cost factor at gas nitriding.
In the industry mostly classical gas nitriding processes are done with constant adjusted gas amounts respectively constant nitriding potentials. Although the set values of the gas flow respectively the nitriding potential are changed in several steps empirical. This practice results in high ammonia consumption especially during the start of the nitriding process and with high nitriding potentials. Generally the gas consumption is very high with constant set values.
By the measurement and control of the nitriding conditions especially of the nitriding potential as a basis of a controlled process management a clearly saving of ammonia can be achieved.

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