Přehled vakuových pecí pro procesy tepelného zpracování

Dappa Andreas - IVA Schmetz GmbH (Germany)

Heat treatment processes of various components and loads have most different requirements regarding several domains. The basic single chamber vacuum furnace and its further special technology developments of the last decades are complying a wide range of demands.

Different pumping systems and possibilities of hot zone insulations allow the necessary vacuum level according to the different hardening, annealing or brazing applications. Hot zone insulations are graphite or molybdenum.

Hot zone in rectangular or circular design correspond to commandments of component and material to be treated. Choice of the different versions of quenching gas stream guidance realize optimal distortion results. For example the gas stream flow in vertical or horizontal direction in a straight line through some large flaps of the rectangular hot zone is recommendable for the most applications. Gas flow through nozzles of round hot zones have advantages for other applications like large size die casting moulds.

High gas pressure assisted by powerful engines, or the technology of the separate quenching area, can reach fast cooling speeds. This allows the hardenability of components with larger cross sections or hardenability of some middle alloyed steel qualities.

Integrated cryogenic systems realize fully automatic, uninterrupted processes with hardening, sub-zero treatment and several tempering. Process cycle is done in single chamber vacuum furnace with complete load-thermocouple-control and –documentation. Herewith the retained austenite content is reduced. Therefore time shifted size alteration of the hardened components is minimized.

Special achievements in furnace construction manage lower energy consumption and environmental benefits.

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