Prediktivní údržba pecí pro tepelné zpracování

Schmiedeke Uwe - IVA Schmetz GmbH (Germany)

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is part of the fourth industrial revolution. By networking machines and systems, conditions and processes can be viewed and adjusted from anywhere. With the help of PdM, necessary maintenance can be better planned in the future and plant downtimes can be minimized. The combination of condition monitoring and advanced self-learning algorithms is not only the enabler to monitor the furnace condition, but to predict the evolvement. This gives you the opportunity to act before component failures or furnace downtimes occur.
The system from IVA Schmetz is already in use at pilot customers. The connected furnaces are fully integrated into the production process and provide real data. The algorithm uses this all previous data and results to calculate and evaluate the current condition of the furnace. By incorporating past conditions and results into the condition evaluation, the algorithm gains experiences and thus becomes more intelligent and in regards of the results and predictions more and more accurate.
The success so far makes clear how much potential PdM has for the heat treatment industry.

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