Zkoumání mikrostrukturních charakteristik po tepelném zpracování vzorků vysokopevnostní oceli připravených přímým spékáním kovu laserem

Vanžura Radoslav - Technická univerzita v Košiciach fakulta výrobných technológií so sídlom v Prešove (Slovak Republic)

The article deals with samples prepared by the direct metal las e r sintering process from the material maraging steel, which is already very commonly used in the production process, not only in the field of rapid prototyping, but also as a common construction component. Properties of such products are very often improved by further heat treatment, in companies commonly using muffle furnace. Research attention is paid to samples that are age hardened at a 490°C temperature, for different durations in the range of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 hours, in comparison to recommendation, which is for 6 hours. Hardness values of samples after printing are in the range of 33-37 HRC, after heat treatment – age hardened, at a temperature of 490°C, they were in the range of 50-56 HRC. Examined samples reached a hardness value equal to 51 HRC after only 2 hours. After 8 hours, hardness values did not increase. This influence of the heat treatment of samples will be subjected to the analysis of microstructural gradation, hardness and microhardness in the cross section o f samples.

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